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“Samantha pointed out things that I hadn’t even considered that helped my talk go from great to OMG amazing! She picked up on subtle but important areas where I could improve and her feedback was invaluable. I had a great event and I would highly recommend her services!”

Diana Dorell-healer, bestselling co-author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again and women’s empowerment coach,


"Samantha guides speech coaching sessions with a whole-person approach. Not only does she provide tools for becoming a dynamic speaker, she also explores fears of public speaking, and how to build a stronger connection with your audience. She helped me to relax and to speak in a more engaging and varied tone. Samantha also gave me more confidence in my role as a presenter, reminding me that I have a gift to offer my audience. Most importantly I came to understand the reciprocal relationship with my audience in a way that will help me to be a more confident presenter. "

Lauren J. Barnhart - Author & Artist., and

"I cannot recommend Samantha’s coaching enough! She has such a warm, supportive energy, and has the rare talent of both deeply challenging her students while making them feel safe and nurtured. Samantha’s knowledge of Shakespeare is particularly impressive; her coaching helped me to understand long-familiar plays in entirely new ways and on a much deeper level. Her notes are always thoughtful, honest, and insightful. As a result of Samantha’s teaching, I felt so much more confident and connected to my character - she is a true gem!"

Kerry McGrath Benson - actor and teacher 

"Samantha has helped me find and embrace my authenticity, via word or action. Talking with her is an exercise is distilling the joy, fear and hope in my life into positive practical steps. It helped me put thought into action."

 Lisa K Nakamura, Chef



I believe we are all here to learn, grow, and share our talents.


Ever since I was a child I've lived my life through the lens of education and personal development. Raised by a teacher, I was naturally inclined to help teach others. When I was in second grade, I taught my neighbor to read. In high school I tutored algebra to my drama teacher's daughter. Throughout college and beyond I've taught and coached performance and public speaking. 

After dedicating myself fully to a career in the arts for the last two decades, 

and graduating from of some of the most prestigious training programs in the country, with continued professional studies, and professional experience in regional and touring professional theater, corporate, commercial, independent, and televised media,  as well as working as a stand up comedian.... I have seen one common thread of truth.


The greatest performances come when you are able to channel the AUTHENTIC YOU. 


Technique is simply the vehicle that enables this to happen. 


As a coach I am dedicated to this simple and yet deceptively challenging truth, and am eager to help you implement the techniques needed for your message to be clearly communicated. Whether you are a professional preparing for a big audition, a beginner eager to learn new skills, preparing for a job interview, polishing a presentation, or simply looking to gain more confidence in your day to day interactions, I look forward to assisting you on your way to finding and sharing your authenticity. 


Northwestern University - B.S. in Theater and Communications  Magna Cum Laude

*** Theater Departmental Award***

University of Washington - MFA in Acting - Professional Actor Training Program

*** Top Scholar ***

Second City -Graduate Improv Conservatory

Second City - Graduate  Directing Program

Continued Working Professional Studies in on camera technique, scene study, and voiceover.


University of Washington

*** recognized for outstanding teaching evaluations***

Intiman Theater

Book It Theater

Texas Shakespeare Festival 

Centrum Young Artists Program

Little Lake Theater

Light Opera Works

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 Be sure to tune in to the Beyond Technique with Samantha Rund Podcast for conversations about how these principles can help empower your life.

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